The Little Bad Wolf
I recently completed a funny new book- The Little Bad Wolf written by Sam Bowring.Wolf tried to be bad but meets his match. Its done mainly in watercolour and so its the first book I've done that's mostly non-digital. Its out later this year
Mystical museum
Mystical Museum is an anthology of storis by children illustrated by me. Crazy wonderful stories so I got to draw the things I like to draw. It was also the fastest book- only about 3 and a half days.
A very wombat christmas
Is the 6th in the Wombat series! Wombat prepares for an Australian Bush Christmas- and solves his last minute troubles the way a caring wombat would. It was released for Christmas 2015- I expect it will reappear in stores Christmas 2016
In the last year and a half I've diverged from purely digital to work with some watercolour.( I love watercolour).
It's used in The Little Bad Wolf book .

Eco, Simcell and CodeBreakers
I've done some work for Strangeloop games in the last years, largely animation work for their games SimCell and CodeBreakers and some imagery for ECO. Check them out.
New Changes and Projects-
I had focussed on Children's books the last 7 years - 2016 brings a return to animation, and other 'vehicles' for stories. A bit of tinkering with Dragonframe and I've caught the animation bug again.
The plan is new learning, rejoining the "workforce" and working more with others(a change after this extended period of solitary working)- and being able to use the new skills and funding to realise my own projects.