Lach's IDea-Ology
I bring a strong core of artistic and creative skills and vision to the concept art, illustration, 3d modelling, and 3d animation I have created throughout my career..
I am dedicated to creating original visions full of life and imagination, that communicate and resonate, and whether in animation, concept art or illustration my goal is to engage, to create immersion and maintain the suspension of disbelief.

I love to create stories in my work, and create images that contain and are grown from fresh ideas.
I love the power of ideas and thoughful design to overcome and explain constraints, and create rich, beautifully woven, self consistent fantasies.

Things are fresh at the source, and accordingly wherever possible I try to research and observe from nature to learn the visual truths. I try to learn not only what things look like or move like, or how they function, but why and how and then use this to inform and enrich my work.

Lachlan Creagh was born in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. He studied industrial design for several years at university but realised this career wasn't for him and moved to Canberra where he completed a 1 year post graduate degree in computer animation.

He then worked for three years at a video production company working on TVCs and corporate videos.
Lachlan has spent the next 12 years working full time in the computer games industry in Brisbane and doing part-time freelance work in his spare time. He worked as a 3D artist, Lead artist, Lead Animator, senior animator/concept artist and, most recently, senior concept designer during this time.
Lachlan was involved in the formative teams of Auran Games, Evolutions Games and Pandemic Studios Australia.
Lachlan has created animation,concepts and illustration for games on PC, Xbox, Playstation and next generation consoles. He has produced animation for TVC's, theme parks and events, and created concepts and designs for launches, sculptures, events and displays.

In 2008 he made the decision to pursue a full time career as a freelance illustrator, concept designer and animator. He packed his family up and decided on a sea change to northern NSW near Kingscliff for some beautiful sunsets, fresh air and inspiration.
He has since Illustrated over40 books for children for Hachette, Scholastic, Random House and others.

He lives with his beautiful wife Sarah and cheery sons Jonathan, Oscar and Hugo who offer him a great source of creative inspiration.